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Why Dubai is the best place to live and work

13 Jul, 2022

There are thousands of new job opportunities being created in Dubai every month and many of those doesn’t even require any prior experience. It has always been the most favorite city for many job seekers around the globe and why it shouldn’t be? It has beautiful long beaches, tall skyscrapers, biggest shopping malls, lush green parks, lowest crime rate, and you will see people from different nationalities living together peacefully.

But the most attractive thing in Dubai for job seekers is tax-free salaries. Yes! That is correct, you don’t have to pay any taxes on your earnings. The only tax you will pay in the country is the VAT (Value Added Tax) which is fixed at 5 percent but again, that is not related to your income.

Due to its tax free policies, Dubai attracts many business owners to start a new company or grow their existing businesses in the country. Which, in return, create new job opportunities in the region.

Dubai’s unemployment rate has always been on the lower side. As per in last 5 years, the average unemployment rate was 2.72% which is much lower than the most developed countries like United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, and Canada.

There was a spike in 2020 and 2021in the unemployment but that was because of the pandemic and lockdowns. But in 2022, UAE is seeing robust growth in the recruitment sector. Industries which have most demand are Tourism and Hospitality, Aviation, Facility Management, Manufacturing & Engineering, Information Technology, to name a few.

In fact, there is so much demand in certain industries that the biggest employers like Emirates Group and Etihad Airways are having open recruitment days more often than before. Both of these companies are actively hiring for different job roles from crew members to management level positions. So, if you are planning to work in Dubai, then this is the best time to start packing and move to Dubai.

Another advantage of working in Dubai is the UAE labour Law. Which was recently revised in 2022 and there were some major changes introduced. Mostly, in the favor of the workers. Some of the major changes were made related to the working hours and models. The new UAE labour law offers more flexibility to the workers. And even if you want to work remotely, you can do that by obtaining a freelancer visa and work from anywhere in the world.

In conclusion, Dubai has many benefits to offer in case you decide to live and work in Dubai. Tax free salaries, modern lifestyle, family friendly environment, and many more. This is why Dubai is the best place to live and work. So, if you are planning to start your Dubai career, you can always rely on You can find hundreds of latest job opportunities available not only in the UAE but also in the other gulf countries.

Visit our jobs section to find your next dream job. Good Luck!

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